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Jill Fuller

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About Me

I'm Jill, a Midwestern writer, librarian, and mother. In this portfolio, you can find updates on my book project, recent writings, and information about my presentations on Irish history and culture.



The Book

I am currently working on a book that explores the power of memory and story in shaping who we are and what we pass on to the next generation. Based on interviews conducted with my grandparents from 2010-2012, it recounts my grandparents' extraordinary stories of their early years as children of war and refugees in post-war Europe, and the legacies those memories left behind.

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I write creative non-fiction and biography, seeking connection and meaning through words and story. Some of my favorite topics to research and write about include: history, Ireland, literature, travel, nature, and spirituality.

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Wild for Ireland

I am passionate about all things Ireland, and especially love sharing that information with others. I give a variety of engaging presentations on Irish travel, history, and culture for groups of all sizes.

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