A Little Introduction

One day when I was about eight, my mother peeled an orange for me to eat while I wrote, just as Jo March did in my favorite movie. My mother was the first to identify me as "a real writer", and she made sure to equip me with whatever a professional writer might need- oranges and all.  

My fiction writing morphed into historical research and non-fiction as I got older. I attended Winona State University in Minnesota and earned a history degree, writing a thesis on the Irish Literary Revival. I independently studied Irish history while in college and traveled to Ireland several times after graduation. After a few years working as a genealogy librarian, I went on to receive my Master's in Library and Information Science at UW-Madison. Both educational experiences, I can see now, helped develop my voice and skills as a writer, even if that wasn't my intention at the time. 

Today, I work as a librarian and am a mother to a two-year-old son. I fill my free time with gardening, walks, travel, good coffee, a tiny bit of yoga, reading, planning for our next Ireland trip, and baking bread. And I'm writing again. I am working on a book, based on interviews I conducted with my grandparents, and I'm starting to send a few smaller pieces out into the world. It's scary and new, a deep plunge on unsteady legs, but I have discovered that writing fills a need in me- to create, to connect, to share stories- that I had ignored for a long time. I am peeling that orange again up in my garret. And it's wonderful to be there.